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Competency Based Learning

Competency Based Learning

Focused Forum from IMC-2015 - 42:19 
by Bill Wilder, Life Cycle Engineering

The meaning of competency-based learning (CBL) varies from organization to organization so a first step in this workshop is for participants to align on terminology and meaning. Next, an example of the business case for CBL will be reviewed.

Foundational to CBL is identification of the desired competencies and a gap assessment. Do not over complicate this! This short course will offer practical advice to keep the process simple and inexpensive while producing adequate information to individual development. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on outside contractors to get this done.

Lastly, this workshop will cover how traditional instructional design models must be adapted and how to apply the 70-20-10 model of learning. This interactive course will include examples of how different organizations have applied CBL to work through a template for applying competency-based learning in maintenance, reliability and asset management activities.

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