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Condition Based Maintenance Implementation at Clark County Water Reclamation District

IMC-2019 Focused Forum 47:28 minutes

by Justin Collingwood and Harvey Starrett, Clark County Water Reclamation District

This presentation covers the journey of moving from an outsourced condition monitoring service to an in-house condition based maintenance (CBM) team at the Clark County Water Reclamation District (CCWRD). The Uptime Elements provided the framework, language and conditions for a bold, grassroots transition. Our organization is amid a “Reliability Renaissance” and a strong CBM program has become a core component. We are changing the way we care for our critical equipment based on the Elements (action) that apply to them.

In this presentation, we will cover using the Uptime Elements as a context for a CBM program creation beginning with defining CBM and the benefits it provides. We will discuss gaining executive sponsorship (Es) by doing your homework, aligning with organizational needs, and providing business case and return on investment (ROI) examples. The importance of finding allies/supporters and building relationships across multiple departments to achieve program goals will be covered as well.

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