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Condition Monitoring & Bearing Lubrication Using Ultrasound

The RELIABILITY Conference – 48:04
by Adrian Messer, UE Systems and Richard Reeves, Schreiber Foods

Airborne & structure-borne ultrasound has become a must-have technology for maintenance & reliability. Advancements in instrumentation and software have allowed for an increased use for condition monitoring application. The technology is also seen as a perfect complement to vibration analysis on rotating equipment. In regards to bearing lubrication, ultrasound can be used to prevent over and under lubrication of bearings, which is, a move towards condition based lubrication rather than time based. This presentation will showcase the role that ultrasound has played in the reliability program within Schreiber Foods. Specific condition monitoring and lubrication examples will be used, as well as sound files of bearings in the process of being lubricated.

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