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Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) – Making it a Reality

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Why use Condition Based Maintenance?

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The main reason is that available data is not finding the right destination and not feeding into SAP. The reasons you hear most often why it is not done are: "We don't get the data" and "It's too expensive". Without knowing it, a lot of organizations have the necessary data and the systems and technologies are there to fully enable these enhanced maintenance practices and close the gap between the sensor and the SAP system. This presentation will show some examples of how easy it is to take sensor data and use them in SAP EAM with the technologies already available to you.

Lessons to take away:

  • Knowledge of companies using run hours to feed measurement points and live demo of how multiple conditions can be used to determine whether or not follow up actions are required
  • Use of SAP Strategy Plans and/or external rule engines (i.e. SAP MII) to determine when to create notifications and orders
  • Understanding of how you take sensor information and SAP asset data and create a benefit for your users
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