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Contamination Control: The Key to Gearbox Reliability

Contamination Control: The Key to Gearbox Reliability

If you are not controlling contamination of your lubricants, then you cannot achieve the maximum service life of your rotating machinery or your lubricants. Using lots of 3D animations and animated illustrations, this presentation will focus on gearbox lubrication, explaining why contamination reduces the life of the gears and bearings (and the oil itself), how much the service life is reduced, how to reduce contamination, and how to remove unavoidable (and avoidable) contaminants.

Learning Points:
1) How liquid and particulate contaminants affect the lubricant, gears and bearings in a gearbox.
2) How to reduce the likelihood of contamination with new storage and dispensing techniques, modern breathers and other techniques.
3) How to use filtration to remove contaminants (and wear particles).

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