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Daily Planning and Scheduling: Solid Processes Plus Efficient Tools Equal Success

Daily Planning and Scheduling: Solid Processes Plus Efficient Tools Equal Success

IMC-2018 Learning Session 21:18

by Rebekah H Bell, Southern Company

Southern Company Generation utilized one scheduling tool to satisfy its needs for daily scheduling and outage planning following its enterprise implementation of Maximo. The experience was that it was satisfactory for outage and project scheduling, but it was not an efficient tool for daily scheduling or following our own established work week management processes. Users felt the software contained too much functionality, the manner the tool must be managed for daily scheduling was too complex, and extracting metrics for continuous improvement was difficult. CiM Visual Planner was chosen based on its adaptability to improve our fleet performance with ever changing staffing levels and fleet operating conditions. Being integrated within the CMMS, the CiM Visual Planner suite of applications has increased productivity amongst users, demonstrated flexibility for both large and small plants, and eliminated the need for external tools, outside of the CMMS. Most facilities were implemented within one week of training and cutover, with immediate backlog cleanup results, and new schedules were created within a day. This presentation will discuss the processes that form our foundation, implementation of the scheduling tool, and the business results achieved.

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