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Data Driven Reliability Strategies

IMC-2016 Reliability Engineering for Maintenance Learning Session - 45:33
by Alejandro Erives, Stepan Company

Stepan is a chemical company producing specialty and intermediate chemicals such as surfactants, polymers, and other specialty products. A broad description of our goals include improving asset utilization, reducing cost, and improving efficiency.

Maintenance & Reliability professionals have a wide array of tools at our disposal. From machinery required for maintenance to technology used for predictive maintenance the list is nearly endless. However, one often overlooked tool type is that of data analysis. Some of the tools available to a Maintenance & Reliability Engineer include Pareto analysis, life-data analysis (Weibull), failure trend analysis (Crow-AMSAA), and process data analysis (Process-Weibull).

Much as a good reliability program will use the right physical tools as part of a cohesive program, the data analysis tools can also be leveraged in a cohesive fashion to arrive at ever increasing reliability. This presentation describes one approach to utilize both production data and CMMS/Maintenance data to drive decisions related to reliability strategy development.

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