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Data Integration and Visualization for Improved Asset Management

Data Integration and Visualization for Improved Asset Management

MaximoWorld 2017 Learning Session - 35:07
by Brooke Cremers, Southern Company Generation

Companies across all industries are faced with a common challenge: How can we effectively integrate all of the asset management data from multiple organizational and technological silos, and visualize it in a way to achieve the most appropriate business decisions?

We will discuss our approaches and successes in integrating and visualizing Maximo work management data with data from our Historian, Financial System, Scheduling System, CBM / Condition Monitoring, and other sources. We will also show examples of how this integrated information benefits end users at the Crew, Facility, and Corporate levels.

This presentation will:

Highlight what worked well, and recommend steps to avoid

Identify activities that provided “Quick Wins” and those that take longer to implement

The audience will take away some ideas that can reduce the learning curve and time involved to realize tangible benefits. Attendees will be able to see that “This Stuff Really Works!”

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