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Data Without Context Is Dangerous

Data Without Context Is Dangerous

TRC-2018 Learning Zone 43:48
by Aaron Beazley and Scotty McLean, Bentley Systems

Data without context is dangerous and puts the organization at risk. Yet our assets and data are always changing. Change can be predictable or unexpected, manageable or catastrophic, beneficial or disastrous, significant or inconsequential, inevitable or avoidable. Whether normal wear and tear on components, systems or facilities necessitating maintenance, modifications or replacement; failure of systems, human error or accidents, or proactive changes to benefit the operation; all change needs to tracked and managed so that you can mitigate risk. Learn why the requirement of configuration and change management is essential in today’s complex asset and data environment and what you can do about it today to prepare your organization for significantly increased data management needs. Change management is not an event, it is a process that needs to be supported.

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