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Deploying Electronic Checksheet Rounds Efficiently with Maximo

Deploying Electronic Checksheet Rounds Efficiently with Maximo

Maximo Focused Forum - 26:55
by Bill Murphy and Anthony Tezak, Grifols Therapeutics

Grifols had used an old home-grown application to collect critical equipment meter readings on aging, obsolete handheld scanners. How to get them to switch to using Maximo? Operators perform multiple daily inspection routes and the overhead of daily work orders to execute them would be cumbersome. Plus, they need a simple mobile solution that allows them to scan a barcode to call up the correct location. We will present how we employed Maximo’s simple configuration and workflow capabilities to call up the route and guide the user through calling up the inspections by asset within the route. Then we'll show how we redesigned the routes and meter reading screen for use on a new rugged tablet device running over plant-wide Wi-Fi.