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Deploying Electronic Logbooks with Maximo

Deploying Electronic Logbooks with Maximo

MaximoWorld 2017 Learning Session
by Bill Murphy and Kevin Wertz, Grifols Therapeutics

Over the years, Grifols has found great value in Maximo’s configurability to replace legacy processes and applications. Our latest effort resulted in the replacement of an old home-grown application to record logbook entries for critical utilities operations. Operators document critical utilities operations activities and events daily to ensure compliance with business and regulatory requirements, and the system is also used to document engineering changes to utilities systems made throughout the 150-acre site. The old system met the basic needs, but was limited in its configurability and was on IT “life support” due to the old technology used to run it.

By deploying electronic logbooks within Maximo, Grifols created a seamless and efficient way to link work orders, service requests, and logbook entries. We will present how we accomplished this within Maximo using the system’s simple configuration capabilities to develop a logbook application within core Maximo. Although there are some great off-the-shelf offerings for logbooks, we found that this solution proved to be a better fit for the utilities group’s processes. We also believe this solution will become the foundation for a future effort to replace all paper log books throughout the plant.

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