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Drive Efficiency Improvements with Electrical Signature Analysis Testing

Drive Efficiency Improvements with Electrical Signature Analysis Testing

Efficiency means different things depending on the context that it is used in, such as with Energy, where we discuss motor efficiency, energy consumption, power factor, etc. With respect to a Predictive Maintenance program the context may include how many machines can or should be included in the program, how many machines can be evaluated per day, and how many of the components in the machine should preferably be evaluated, etc...This presentation is not about replacing existing test methods at your plant, but discusses and demonstrates key areas that ESA can add real value to an existing PdM program.

Besides providing information about ESA, examples will be discussed that demonstrate some key areas of neglect for many plants with respect to the analysis of:

  • Initial Machine Start up (Commissioning)
  • Incoming Power
  • Energy Consumption/Motor Efficiency
  • Driven Load Mechanical Analysis
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