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Electrical Distribution PM for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

Electrical Distribution PM for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

IMC-2017 Focused Forum - 51:06
by Ken Trotta and Reza Sadat Al Hosseini, Genentech

Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities operate 24/7 often 365 days a year. Mostly we take for granted that the each day the lights will work and we’ll have reliable electrical power for all our research and manufacturing operations.

How do you explain to site management that preventive maintenance of the sites electrical distribution system must be performed? That this effort may cost several hundred thousand dollars every few years? That this may mean power disruptions and challenges to freezers with millions of dollars of product? That this is a Business risk, not a Quality risk?

There are many roadblocks for ensuring reliable electric power. It’s easier to simply do nothing and hope there is no equipment failure that takes down power to a building or the site. An unplanned shutdown may end up costing millions in lost production time.

This presentation will explain how to get management support, and then plan and drive the electrical distribution PM to completion. The scope of a pharmaceutical sites electrical power distribution will be explored. How to write the maintenance strategy for the sites switchgear, transformers, batteries, transfer switches, panels, and generators. How to work with the electrical contractors and plan and execute the PM shutdown. This involves months of planning, and precious few hours of execution.

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