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Electrical Inspection with Ultrasound

Selecting the most appropriate method requires that inspectors understand the nature of the defect and the signs and signals available to be detected. The next logical step is to have the right technology available to pin point their location.

Discover the technologies and inspection techniques that should become mandatory for all electrical maintenance personnel. To not only reduce the risk of arc flash exposure, but also enhance the overall reliability of the electrical system.

This presentation discussed simple and practical solutions available for reducing arc flash-related injuries or death - the obvious ‘front runner' in the ‘risk' department, and rightly so. But how far down the list do ‘loss of electrical assets' and ‘unplanned downtime' sit? Let us be proactive and look at a ‘win win' situation which will reduce the risk of all three.

1) Learn about common failures of electrical plant and the challenges involved in detecting typical discharge activity.
2) Learn about the technologies and inspection techniques available to maintenance personnel.
3) Learn about the signs and signals of electrical discharge, and how they can be detected

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