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Enabling Asset Integrity

Enabling Asset Integrity

The RELIABILITY Conference Learning Session - 44:03
by Jeff Smith, Acuren

There are seven integrity enablers that must be managed, if they are managed not only is reliability insured it is cost optimized. The primary mistake observed in thirty years of reliability study is focusing on maintenance as a reliability optimization tool. To maintain is to keep in current state, so what is it the moves your asset out of its manufactured state? What type of loading creates stresses and strains that damage the asset? What operational parameters move your asset outside its comfort zone? How do your operators react to abnormal conditions? Is your automation control system protecting your asset or just notifying you of impending failures? Are your restoration and renewal programs aligned with your operational campaign?

Value optimization is enabled with integrity management; this complex problem is simplified by applying the simple process covered in this presentation. This process ties together all the value destruction issues and provides a methodology to enable integrity optimization.

You don’t “Maintain” the integrity of an asset you enable the integrity and maintain the results of that effort.

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