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Establishing Line of Sight - The Key to Successful Asset Management

Establishing Line of Sight - The Key to Successful Asset Management

The RELIABILITY Conference Asset Management Forum - 42:05
by Terry Wireman, Author

As organizations make progress toward developing and implementing their asset management strategy, there is one key for them to being successful – Alignment. This alignment (or line of sight) focuses the entire organization on the same strategic goals. It lines up the value the asset is expected to produce with the financial business objectives of the organization. This presentation will focus on the following topics related to line of sight:

• How does an organization develop a line of sight?

• How is the asset aligned with the business objectives?

• What functional departments should be involved in the line of sight?

• How do the various functional departments develop and share asset related information?

This presentation will also present several diagrams that the attendees will find useful in developing the line of sight for their organization.

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