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Establishing Ultrasound Testing as a CBM Pillar - Part 1

Take away from this course an understanding for:

  • The role of Ultrasound as a Condition Monitoring technology
  • How to identify and assemble your resources
  • How to take stock of your assets
  • Separation of trendable and non-trendable problem areas
  • Proper database setup, data collection, processing, and analysis of ultrasonic data
  • The role of time wave analysis
  • Establishing KPI's for successful benchmarking
  • Communicating outcomes to your team and your management

80% of all reliability programs fail to sustain any tangible benefits because they don't get past the implementation stage. This short course strips away the mysteries of implementation by sharing their experiences in helping customers just like you. If you have been tasked with implementing CBM at your plant this seminar is a must to attend.

Click Here for Part Two

Click Here for Part Two

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