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Estimating Availability and Reliability Using FEM Maximo to Assist Reliability Centered Maintenance

Estimating Availability and Reliability Using FEM Maximo to Assist Reliability Centered Maintenance

IMC-2017 Learning Session 34:12
by Robert C Patev, US Army Corps of Engineers

The USACE is starting a pilot program to coordinate their Facility Equipment Maintenance (FEM) Maximo database for use in better understanding their current and future routine and non-routine maintenance practices throughout their large portfolio of Civil Works projects. With a stagnation of the USACE maintenance budgets over the past 10 years and an aging and deteriorating infrastructure, the investment strategies to maximize and stretch maintenance dollars are critical to maintain the availability and reliability of USACE Civil Works projects. This reliability is important to maintain the value that the USACE projects provided to the nation.

As part of these pilots, the USACE has started to link their FEM Maximo database with a Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) program called Availability Workbench (AWB) to examine the links to the reliability of their complex systems. Fault trees have been constructed for the pilot projects based on a hierarchy of components and subsystems that are parallel to the FEM Maximo database. AWB is being utilized to examine and process the existing data records for both maintenance, repair, replacement and failure of components and subsystems in the fault trees. Weibayes analyses is conducted using the FEM Maximo data to update the baseline Weibull curves for many of the fault tree components. AWB is then able to analyze these systems for various maintenance scenarios and the final results can be examined to show the optimal maintenance for these systems. The results from a USACE FEM Maximo and AWB pilot will be shown as part of the presentation.

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