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Extending Plant Diesel Generator Service Life Through RCM Practices

Extending Plant Diesel Generator Service Life Through RCM Practices

IMC-2019 Presentation 44:54 Minutes

by Tim Allen and Joey Strobel, Central Arizona Project

Central Arizona Project (CAP) will detail their efforts to avoid a major capital replacement project through reliability practices. In 2017, CAP Maintenance Managers were presented with a capital project proposal to replace 15 aging and unreliable Plant Backup Diesel Generators with new assets. Rather than approve the proposal, managers requested a reliability centered maintenance (RCM) analysis of the generators to evaluate the feasibility of restoring both reliability to and confidence in, the critical asset class. At their direction, a cross functional team was convened of reliability and maintenance engineers along with plant and fleet maintenance personnel for a multi-week RCM workshop. Following the workshop, the team presented their plan and strategy to ensure the diesel generators would operate as required when duty called. This presentation will detail the process, the plan, the implementation and ensuing results. Additionally we shall highlight the required collaboration across multiple departments throughout the process to successfully implement the plan.

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