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Failure Reporting and Corrective Action - much more than RCA

iPresentation - 1:03:28
By Steve Turner - Director and Mark Liddell - Vice President /Americas, OMCS International

Most organizations see problem solving as only one element - the RCA workshop. Because they fail to see the whole process they sometimes fail to deliver or lose track of things.

Problem solving has seven steps, where only one of them is the RCA workshop. With over 30 years of problem solving experience in aviation and general industry, Steve Turner will explain how problem solving or FRACAS is a process and why most organizations fail to achieve their potential in this area. He will provide tips and process maps to assist you and improve your efficiency and results.

12 months Free software lease to participants.

Learning Point Takeaways:

  1. What is the FRACAS Process
  2. Where most organizations fail to achieve
  3. How to set up a robust system of FRACAS using proper tool

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