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Fluid Analysis in the 21st Century: The Fa Uptime Element Passport

The RELIABILITY Conference - 33:14
by Jack Poley, Condition Monitoring International

The new Fluid Analysis Uptime Element Passport, Fa, provides several updates since the original Oa Element Passport that Fa replaces. More technical detail is offered.

Topics include:

  • Introduction and concepts of ISFA - why you need it
  • Technical overview of Fluid Analysis - what's possible
  • Implementation - a path to getting there
    • Sponsorship - corporate champions, funding, oversight
    • Sampling - the first physical step in the ISFA process
    • Testing - what tests will be applied - who will test?
    • Reports - what should be expected/require
  • Ensuring a successful program - your role
    • Commitment to the process
      • Timely sampling
      • Taking appropriate action as indicated by reports
    • Feedback to the lab or consultant, as to findings after responding to an advisory
    • Be prepared to defend your program. Know how much you saved. ROI is the reward and justification for ISFA.
  • Fluid Analysis in the 20th Century
    • Where it is
    • Where it's going

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