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Get Your Bearings! – Rolling Element Bearing Diagnostics

Get Your Bearings! – Rolling Element Bearing Diagnostics

Rolling element bearings are precision machine components. In modern industrial processes one could say they virtually carry the load - keeping pumps pumping, compressors compressing, blowers blowing, and so on. However, unlike most machine vibration problems which are identified by one or two characteristic frequency components, i.e., Unbalance - 1XRPM, Misalignment - 1 & 2XRPM, rolling element bearings produce vibration over a wide spectrum, 1Hz - 40kHz, depending upon the magnitude of the defect. Understanding the stages, and correlating this information with expected rate of failure will give the vibration analyst greater confidence when recommending replacement.

Learning Point Takeaways:

1) When to use resonant transducer techniques - Shock Pulse, etc.

2) Using Envelope Analysis methods to derive bearing condition.

3) Progression of defects, and the factors effecting rate of failure

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