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How a Modern Data Digital LTSA-CSA Platform Architecture Can Assist Companies with Equipment Uptime

How a Modern Data Digital LTSA-CSA Platform Architecture Can Assist Companies with Equipment Uptime

The RELIABILITY Conference - 41:16
by Sergio Tuberquia, Equipcast, Inc.

In today’s Industrial Digital Age in maintaining High-Value assets, the agreed to or negotiated Long Term Service Agreement’s or Customer Service Agreements are faced with conflicting new optimization goals vs. the OEM's original LTSA / CSA (Long Term Service Agreement-Customer Service Agreement) platform capabilities. Typically, the OEM technology cannot maintain with the pace of the new digital strategy that their customers want to adopt to help forecast their equipment’s ‘Up-time’.

A new or approach that industrial companies industrial are adopting is to combine a Modern Data Architecture, Industrial Data Science with their existing infrastructure to further extend the use of their own data to apply advanced analytics used to estimate equipment performance, optimize maintenance & forecast failures.

The results are that companies are developing KPI’s that were no longer possible for reasons ranging from constrained commercial or technical capabilities that are being implemented to achieve actionable KPI’s in managing their assets / equipment. The results range from an increase of 5% Uptime of equipment train in a offshore platform that raised the reliability and availability of the equipment via their own in-house OEM ‘like’ EHM monitoring center to predicting and preventing downtime of a production asset infrastructure and throughout it’s value chain.

The conclusion is that your data is like oil, it holds an intrinsic value. This value also carries an inherent shelf-like or perishable value as well. If it’s not used at the time its produced, then its value diminishes over time. So when it comes to your companies new optimization goals vs what the OEM may provide with its platform, your agreed or negotiated service agreement may not be the right fit for today or tomorrow’s optimization goals.

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