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How MEMS Accelerometers Will Transform Condition Monitoring

The RELIABILITY Conference Learning Session - 30:14
by Bob Drexel, IFM Efector, Inc. and Ed Spence, Analog Devices, Inc.

Significant improvements in MEMS accelerometer performance is enabling designers of Condition Monitoring products to target a wider range of applications, expanding the market for Condition Monitoring services into areas not previously practical or economical. Some of the reasons for this trend include the intrinsic properties of inertial sensors built in Semiconductor foundries, addressing some of the liabilities of existing technologies. But maybe more compelling reasons revolve around the way highly integrated, low power sensors with flexible and manageable interfaces enable creative new products, expanding the scope of solution design to include wireless sensors with longer battery life, semi-autonomous decision making, compact packages that can be embedded in the machine and more reliable products that are not only stable over time and temperature but more tolerant of mishandling.

This presentation will explore some of the ways MEMS Accelerometers are transforming the practice of Condition Monitoring today, with implications for the future.

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