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How to Build a Comprehensive Maintenance Program to Enhance Your RCM Efforts

How to Build a Comprehensive Maintenance Program to Enhance Your RCM Efforts

TRC-2019 Learning Session 38:06 minutes

By Jason Ballentine, ARMS Reliability and Tammy Whipple, Sammamish Plateau Water

Corporate and site reliability teams face challenges and pressures to continuously improve and demonstrate the value and business impact they have on their organizations and as such, organizations around the world rely on reliability centered maintenance (RCM) as a means to significantly increase asset performance by delivering value to all stakeholders. RCM can be a powerful tool to educate a workforce, influence the culture of reliability, and create efficient and effective maintenance strategies throughout an organization. But can you realize those benefits without the proper foundation of systems and processes in place to plan and execute those strategies on time, collect data to drive continuous improvement, and measure performance through leading and lagging metrics?

This presentation will explore the partnership between Sammamish Plateau Water and ARMS Reliability and detail a project that began as an RCM engagement and organically blossomed into an exercise to build a comprehensive maintenance program so that the full benefits of RCM could be realized. 

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