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How to RCM Analyze a Linear Asset Over 70 Miles Long

How to RCM Analyze a Linear Asset Over 70 Miles Long

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 40:50
by Tim Allen and Jennifer Jia, Central Arizona Project

Central Arizona Project (CAP), Arizona’s largest water utility, will present a case study of two linear asset RCM projects that evaluated over 70 miles of their Aqueduct System including both open channel canal and the largest diameter flexible pipe siphon ever constructed by the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation. These asset management evaluations were used to validate a proposed multi-million dollar underground siphon overhaul, as well as to produce a comprehensive maintenance strategy for all canal objects in the mitigation of water delivery risks. Attendees will learn how CAP utilized the RCM process to facilitate knowledge transfer between multiple engineering departments while at the same time collaborating with Maintenance and Operations.

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