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How to Roadmap Your Asset Management Plan for ISO 55000 Compliance

IMC-2017 Focused Forum - 43:35
by Marc Yarlott, Veolia North America and Kimberley Herrala, Oracle

Implementing Asset Management industry standards, such as ISO 55000, has become a popular target to aim for because it provides a great framework. However, developing an ISO 55000 compliant asset management policy for your organization and growing your Computerized Maintenance Management System to move into compliance can be a challenge. In 2015 Veolia adopted ISO 55000 as the Asset Management framework and this presentation will share the journey towards compliance. Learning take objectives:

  • Asset registry and organization is the foundation
  • Optimizing the Workflow matters, make the right thing to do the easy thing to do
  • Auditing and feedback keep the program on track
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