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How to Use Your Existing CMMS Tool & Data to Effectively Choose & Use the RIGHT Maintenance Strategy

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 42:26

by Nikolaus Despain, Leprino Foods Company.

In this Presentation, learn by shared Examples and Experiences from a large Food Manufacturer how they use their existing CMMS tool and data to effectively choose and use the “right” Maintenance Strategy.

Questions to be Answered and Areas to be covered:

What is the “right” Maintenance Strategy? RCA Blitz? – FMEA? – Run to Failure? – Routine Inspections? PdM? CBM? - Asset strategy? – Is there a Silver Bullet? Is it the same for every Asset? Or is there a simple way to start?

A Simple Way – Use Your existing CMMS Tool and Data as your starting point...

First Steps...


Next Steps...

Using this Simple Way, the scope of Maintenance Reliability and Asset Strategy can be narrowed down to achievable steps.

Results – Increased Uptime, Reduced Maintenance Costs and more effective use of Maintenance Labor – In reasonable cost effective steps.

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