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Identifying Common Issues and Misconceptions in Infrared Imaging

IMC-2016 Learning Session - 44:29
by Daryl Androli and Rick Bueltel, Missouri River Energy Services

Imaging of electrical panels has been, and continues to be, one of the most commonly used infrared applications. Checking workmanship, improving quality/reliability, lessening risk and diagnosing potential problems are all staples of infrared imaging. Specific issues include, but are not limited to, breaker placement, overloading, wiring configuration, loose connections, neutral wire issues, and grounding. The potential damages generated by such issues will also be identified and discussed. As an infrared technician or thermographer, you could encounter a wide variety of lower voltage panels in a multitude of applications and misapplications.

When imaging these panels, are we really providing our employer or customer a high quality product or are we taking the easy way out? This presentation focuses on how to improve the overall quality of providing infrared service. Employers appreciate diligent work and customers are willing to pay more for the technician who goes the “extra step” to provide a service that gives them a premium end product.

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