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Discover How To Aim Asset Condition Management

Steve Lochard provides valuable insight on the benefits of improving your alignment program.

A foundational category of the Uptime Elements™, Asset Condition Management includes:
·      Vibration Analysis
·      Ultrasound Testing
·      Alignment and Balancing
·      Motor Testing
·      Machinery Lubrication
·      Non Destructive Testing
·      Infrared Thermal Imaging
·      Asset Condition Information
·      Oil Analysis

Asset Reliability is as much a way of thinking as it is a set of practices and strategies. For 30 years most of the modern approaches to effective maintenance service delivery have been well documented but most organizations fail to achieve sustainable high-performance asset reliability. Many maintenance reliability professionals have a deep yet sometimes narrow knowledge of their specific subject matter expertise. They may not fully appreciate how their work fits into asset reliability and what role their work plays in supporting the aim of the organization through the context of its asset management program.

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