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Implementing a Successful CBM Program

 Implementing a Successful CBM Program

The RELIABILITY Conference Asset Condition Monitoring Forum - 41:34 
by Dharmen Dhaliah, City of Toronto

It is a fact that the way we do maintenance has significantly evolved over the years with a shift to on-condition maintenance. A Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) program has become an integral part and a key strategy in any maintenance/reliability improvement effort.

Depending on the industry and the complexity of its asset a large percentage of maintenance tasks are condition-based. On-condition tasks or predictive maintenance tasks are the preferred tactics to apply when it comes to proactive maintenance. However these tasks don't come very cheap when technologies such as vibration analysis, infrared thermography or oil analysis are required.

As seasoned maintenance/reliability practitioners we fully understand the benefits of investing in a condition based maintenance program. We praise the benefits and the potential returns on investment to senior management to influence them to invest in such a program. Finally we succeed and we are given the required funds to go ahead and implement a CBM Program.

Now the real challenge begins and all kind of questions start to arise such as - Where do we start? How do we implement the program? How do we make sure the implementation will be successful? How do we show the promised return on investment to senior management? How do we show asset performance is improving? How do we consistently demonstrate the benefits of the program to keep it alive in the organization for years to come? This session will provide an overview on how to plan the implementation of a CBM program, how to set it up for success and to make it last for years rather than just being a one-time wonder.

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