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Integrated Asset Performance Management Program

Integrated Asset Performance Management Program

IMC-2020 Presentation 20:35 Minutes

by Prashant Kumar, Tata Consultancy Services

It’s story of injecting technology horse power by laying the foundation of futuristic Integrated Asset Performance Management to eliminate prevailing challenges - pocket of good practices but limited scope of capturing and sharing lessons learned, regional systems/tools, heavy reliance on individual experience and knowledge, etc. The journey started with identifying the right solution/platform for replacing several EOSL applications used to support mechanical integrity for one site. At the very beginning, it was realized this is not an actual problem statement as it exists, not only across all the refinery and petrochemical sites managing with difficulty their siloed but good MI and related practices, with at least little or no integration with other business functions, but also the need to bring other asset types - piping, SRDs - in the EAM mainstream and address other organizational reliability goals. The target was to reach 96.4% Solomon Operational Availability by 2020. As to improve availability, the focus was on improving the reliability of plant and equipment, systematic approach to identify availability threats, and defects elimination to support small reliability improvements.

On one hand, compliance was being managed with difficulty, outcomes of integrity or reliability analysis was not getting realized to its fullest compared to amount of effort being spent.

To address the challenges of mechanical integrity – inspection and corrosion management program and to bring reliability as the focus area to improve availability - a reliability improvement program was set up. Supporting the application of these new strategic initiatives is a common integrated software platform, which for the first time, is allowing information exchange between the different reliability work streams. As an example, the cost impact of shutting down a major piece of equipment can be shared between production, accounting and operations. The platform has provided the opportunity to standardize MI processes with integrated business functions and asset health monitoring under strict IOW guidelines. Furthermore, the real benefits in terms of how to carry out analysis into production incidents immediately after they occur. Deployment of root cause analysis not only helped in tracking but analyzing underlying cause of production loss through streamlined standard process. The operator care program, which focuses on aspects of an operator’s job that have a direct impact on asset safety, reliability and availability, is improving operator involvement in inspection through rounds. Needless to say, integration with visualization tools such as Power BI helped this organization to standardize the KPIs and dashboard across business units.

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