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Integrating GIS - SAP, Linear Asset Management and Geo-Enablement in SAP

IMC-2020 Presentation 35:45 Minutes

by Ed Hudak, Rizing

Exceed the sum of the parts by integrating GIS and SAP. Learn the benefits of synchronizing asset data; providing a system of record; and delivering critical information when and where needed. In addition to GIS-SAP discussion, the presentation will also include the advantages and challenges of implementing SAP Linear Asset Management as well as the benefits of geo-enablement with SAP’s Geo Framework product GEF. Hear about several projects at various utilities: what were the key drivers, what data was passed between GIS and SAP, what business processes were impacted, what went well and what could have been done differently.


  • Strengths of GIS and SAP system and why integrate them
  • When to consider Linear Asset Management
  • Advantages of Geo-Enablement (GEF) in SAP
  • Typical lessons learned from implementation projects over multiple lines of business
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