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Integrating Predictive Maintenance Technologies for Asset Monitoring

Integrating Predictive Maintenance Technologies for Asset Monitoring

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 38:36
by Randy Carlisle, Airgas Merchant Gases

Review basics of PdM technology and what it can tell you.

Vibration monitoring: Detect imbalance of rotating machines

Infrared survey: Measure of heat energy. Compare equipment to decide if condition is abnormal. Detect bearing problems, misalignment, motor imbalance, piping insulation issues, valve leakage.

Oil analysis: Emphasis on equipment condition analysis rather than oil condition including MPC testing

Ultrasonic noise surveys: Precursor to vibration but can also detect flow issues such as leaking valves which can cause performance issues.

Introduce operator rounds (aka performance monitoring) as another PdM tool.

Discuss the relationship between the various PdM results and equipment condition. Emphasize the need for operator assistance to understand what’s expected.

Example 1: IR results show hot coupling. The vibration or ultrasonic survey results can help identify the cause of the hot coupling.

Example 2: Oil analysis shows wear particles. Vibration analysis or ultasnic survey can help confirm the source of the particles.

Example 3: Pump discharge pressure has been dropping over time. Vibration analysis can show wear in the impeller or bushings.

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