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Integrating Your Electrical Equipment into an Existing Reliability Program

IMC-2018 Learning Session 42:11

by Scott James, Tate & Lyle

In 2013, the presenter was given the task to incorporate electrical equipment into his company's existing reliability program. This decision changed the way they viewed and maintained their electrical equipment. They faced many challenges during this process and had to develop a PM program based upon mechanical reliability principles.

In this presentation, the programs, techniques, methods, and technologies that were used to integrate electrical equipment into the reliability program will be shared. This presentation will review and demonstrate success stories, culture change, and failures. We will review how infrared and ultrasound technologies help decrease failure rates while increasing uptime. The presenter will share his personal experience with LV and MV breaker cleaning and testing. We will look at developing a breaker clean and test schedule plan as well as a breaker rebuild/retrofit program. He will demonstrate the effectiveness of root cause analysis (RCA) on an electrical failure. Lastly, he will talk about the culture changes that happen at the plant facility, the belief in a SAFE, RELIABLE, SUSTAINABLE, and PRODUCTIVE plant. It begins with a vision, empowered by vigor, maintained with variety, and sustained with victories!

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