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Introduction to Critical Asset Surveillance Technologies

Introduction to Critical Asset Surveillance Technologies

TRC-2018 Learning Zone 45:40
by Rudy Wodrich, IRISS

Online Monitoring and the use of IoT devices to facilitate easier data collection and collation can also be referred to as Critical Asset Surveillance Technologies (CAST). Traditional online monitoring techniques including Power Quality and Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring will be briefly examined. For industrial and commercial buildings, temperature monitoring may hold the most promise as a surveillance technique to catch problems early in the P-F curve. There are many options to consider when considering the implementation of online temperature monitoring. Keep in mind that the goal of temperature monitoring is to DETECT a potential, ANALYZE the data and determine criticality of further investigation, INSPECT the equipment in question to pinpoint the problem and finally to REPAIR the problem. With this in mind, we will weigh the technology options to be considered when choosing a temperature monitoring solution including:

  • Contact (point based) or non-contact (area based) monitoring
  • Wired or Wireless Communication
  • Wired or Battery Powered
  • CLOUD based or Firewalled Data
  • Data Collection Frequency
  • Stand-alone or part of Building Management System (BMS) or SCADA Platform
  • Alarm Communication Methodology
  • Reporting features / Data Bridging