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Introduction to Orbits, Centerline Plots and Rotordynamics - Brief and Graphical

Are you involved with vibration analysis of turbomachinery? Would you like to learn more about orbit plots and centerline diagrams? And how would you like a quick, but very graphical, introduction to rotordynamics? Well this Webinar will start with an explanation of proximity probe measurements (including the keyphasor) and illustrate in a very graphical way how the orbit is generated and what the centerline plot tells you about the position of the shaft within the bearing. We will also briefly explain how phase measurements are derived, how "glitch removal" is achieved, and what the difference is between filtered and direct orbits. We will then take a look at the rotor itself and briefly explore the topic of rotordynamics; how the rotor flexes as the rotor runs up through its first and second critical speeds. We have developed some very graphical animations and software simulators which make all of these topics far easier to understand.

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