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IoT Total Solution Management (TSM) at J&J Global Manufacturing Sites

IMC-2016 - 42:20 
by Matt Boehne, Banetti

Johnson & Johnson is leveraging IBM Watson Analytics and IoT toolsets with the Banetti IoT TSM expertise to gain deep understanding and control over the breadth and depth of all Intelligent Assets deployed in the J&J Enterprise. IoT TSM is an Enterprise Device & Asset Management (EDAM) solution rooted in the power of the IBM IoT toolset and Watson Analytics. The IoT TSM approach of a single solution layer lying on top of existing systems and devices allows J&J to deploy a standard across all production sites regardless of what underlying technology is in place today.

With IoT TSM in place, J&J has an unprecedented window into the Enterprise technology landscape, both legacy and planned. The solution provides a single dashboard view of the Enterprise, enabling insight into the “dark” sectors of the manufacturing organization while providing intelligent decision support across the Enterprise from top to bottom. TSM is an “active listener” in the world of invisible IT communications and information, which allows J&J to react immediately and intelligently to the rapidly changing BYOD landscape.

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