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IoT Virtual Conference- Drones for Maintenance and Reliability

IoT Virtual Conference- Drones for Maintenance and Reliability

Session 1: January 8, 2016 - 33:44

Drones for Maintenance and Reliability
by Sandra DiMatteo, Director, Asset Performance Management for Bentley Systems

If you are not using drones yet, get prepared! Be a leader in your organization and initiate the use of drones for proactive maintenance inspections. See the application of drones to capture the context of your assets creating georeferenced 3D models to which future observations can be compared.

Learning Points-

  1. With drone price points getting lower, and high resolution cameras becoming widespread, don’t miss the boat, start using drones today. It’s within your reach
  2. Drone photogrammetry can be used to capture the operating context of your assets.
  3. Improve your maintenance process and equip engineers and technicians with the asset visualization tools they need to do their jobs more effectively

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