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Journey to Overachieving Recruiting Practices

Journey to Overachieving Recruiting Practices

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 47:14
by Joel Crawford, Performance Consulting Associates

It does feel overwhelming, and is a reality, when real production dollars are lost every day because of unstaffed skilled positions. This is getting the attention now of C level executives across all industries, and strategy sessions are occurring throughout North America board rooms. Facts: 45% of skilled workers are over 45 years old, and about 19% are over 55 (US Bureau of Labor). Millions of skilled engineering and craft skills roles are remaining unstaffed and will continue to grow each year, costing an average of $7,000 in company profits DAILY for each role that goes unmanned (Manpower Group report). There are basic best practice business items that can be done NOW, which will fill open positions more efficiently and retain your talent. This presentation will outline the 5 fundamental steps, which will help your company focus on retaining human capital maintenance and reliability talent.

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