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Keys to Plan and Implement a Successful Multi-Site CMMS Rollout

The RELIABILITY Conference Learning Session - 45:29  
by Greg Perry, eMaint Enterprises and Glen Shanahan, MSG

Just as you need to map out directions for a cross country trip, companies need a plan in order for a multi-site CMMS roll out to be successful. In both cases, if you do not keep the end in mind and plan accordingly, you will end up somewhere you do not recognize.

Glenn Shanahan, North American Manufacturing Excellence Manager(Maintenance) for NSG Group’s North American Automotive sector and Greg Perry CRL, Senior Consultant at eMaint, will explain how to plan, implement and execute a multi-site CMMS rollout.

Glenn and Greg will also describe the importance of developing the right plan and the right team to effectively utilize a CMMS and standardize across multiple locations. Glenn leverages his experience to offer the keys to successfully rolling out a CMMS across multiple ISO/TS 16949 compliant facilities while supporting the core mission of elimination of waste and continuous improvement.

They will explore critical topics such as defining an asset hierarchy and tracking leading and lagging Key Performance Indicators.

Whether your organization is searching for a CMMS or has used the same solution for years, this session will offer valuable best practice insight into how to leverage your CMMS to address key challenges and maximize performance in a multi-site environment.

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