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Launching a PMO Strategy to Free Up Critical Resources for High Value Activities

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 37:10
by Jim Oldach, CH2M and John Tierney, Metropolitan Council Environmental Services.

Using the Uptime Elements as a guide, the Environment Services Division of the Metropolitan Council (MCES) is optimizing preventive maintenance activities in its largest treatment facility using an enterprise criticality framework. In 2016 MCES completed a Criticality Analysis (CA) pilot project focused on its Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant’s Solids Management Process (SMP), one of the largest solids disposal and energy recover facilities in the nation. MCES identified critical assets consuming a disproportionate amount of resources and implemented strategies to improve operational availability, free up critical maintenance resources for higher value activities, and reduce costs. MCES partnered with engineering firm CH2M to develop the pilot, document the process and train internal resources to sustain the strategy and implement it across $7 billion in infrastructure assets.

The presentation will detail the approach, the process, and tools including:

  • Getting sponsor and executive support.
  • Establishing internal resources for continued PMO implementation.
  • Buy-in from the Operations and Maintenance staff.
  • Using data to drive decisions.
  • Achieving measurable results showing the return on investment, including cost savings, cultural improvement, system performance increase and deferred capital investment.
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