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Lessons from a Master - The Most Valuable RCM, Business and Life Lessons John Moubray Taught Me

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 50:05
by Nancy Regan, The Force, Inc.

The most influential mentor of my career died on January 15, 2004. Thirteen years later, John Moubray’s wisdom continues to serve me. If you have anything to do with Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), then you know who John Moubray was. No matter what your perspective is on RCM2, there’s no denying that John was a giant in the RCM world; he was a fierce proponent of the RCM philosophy designed by the original architects, Nowlan and Heap. He trained his network members to be responsible custodians. John said it best when he affirmed: we are here to promulgate the principles we believe to be best practice and in so doing make the world a safer place for all who live in it. In 1997, by luck (or Providence), I stumbled upon Aladon LLC and the RCM2 process, and thus began my journey into RCM. John Moubray became my mentor. This presentation summarizes the most important RCM lessons John delivered about the process he described as “majestic.” However, a keen entrepreneur, John’s wit and wisdom extended beyond RCM. This presentation also features his insights on business and life that are just as relevant (if not more relevant) today as they were nearly twenty years ago. Ever-grateful for the treasure of John Moubray’s philosophy, the presentation ends with the most valuable advice he ever gave me – advice that applies to everyone (and has nothing to do with RCM!). Nearly two decades later, I finally get it!