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Leveraging Asset Management to Move from Silos to a Streamlined Organization

Leveraging Asset Management to Move from Silos to a Streamlined Organization

TRC-2019 Learning Session 30:16 minutes

Andy Tuchscherer and Tammy Whipple, Sammamish Plateau Water

This multi-disciplinary team will share their expertise in implementing asset management through the alignment of management processes with cross-functional teams…a strategy that has been successful in removing silos, changing organizational culture, and improving decisions. Their journey will be told through the eyes of general administration, finance, engineering, operations, and information technology/GIS. The team will provide a solid framework that will assist participants in assessing their own progress in asset management.

Topics include tools such as business metrics, business case evaluations, reliability centered maintenance, and rate modeling to optimize decisions and successfully obtain executive support. Participants will receive real-life examples and solutions for bringing asset management to life while creating an asset-centric culture. After this session, participants will have clearly defined strategies for advancing asset management from any stage.

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