IMC-2017 Focused Forum - 39:31
by Craig Truempi and Dan Yarmoluk, ATEK Technologies

The Internet of Things has become an abstract discussion of billions of connected devices and information streaming to make data-driven decisions. Broadly speaking, this topic is how to transform your business through an efficiency analysis, increasing the level of automation, potentially adding another revenue stream or new business model to personalized or customized products and services. An IoT enabled solution in connected manufacturing includes connectivity, intelligence, pattern analysis and ultimately, predictability. Predictive maintenance should be seen as predictive algorithms to extend the life of the machine akin to a doctor-patient relationship and lifetime extension. In assessing a patient, we have to look at the holistic view of health as we would with IoT, the true value will lie in an integrated end-to-end on the manufacturing floor and each connected component has a incremental IoT value. IoT or connected manufacturing is literally "connecting" Operational Technology (OT) and Informational Technology (IT), meaning production and core business processes have end-to-end visibility or what is known as visibility from the shop floor to the top floor. This presentation will focus on the first step of connecting a broader visibility from the operator to the maintenance technician and top floor and mapping this information back to its core business processes in order to increase efficiencies and reliability.

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