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Maximo and the Internet of Condition Monitoring Panel

MaximoWorld 2017 Panel Discussion - 1.02:07
by Shannon Craft, Johnson & Johnson; Larry March, Cohesive Solutions; John Murphy,; Terrence O'Hanlon,; Dave Reiber,; and Carmen Romero, Bristol-Myers Squibb

A focused discussion on how current and future use of the Industrial Internet of Things together with Enterprise Asset Management can drive reliability and operational excellence.

Topics include:

  • A common language for the Industrial Internet of Things
  • Current IIoT adoption rate in the Internet of Condition Monitoring community
  • What is needed from senior leadership
  • How does Asset Condition Management fit with Enterprise Asset Management?
  • Walk before you run
  • Integrity and transparency
  • What do you need to do to ensure IIoT/EAM/IoCM deliver results to the bottom line
  • Where to start, machine, plant or enterprise
  • How to manage people through your IIoT/EAM/IoCM transformation

Join the discussion around Internet of Condition Monitoring and discuss a new future that was not going to happen anyway.

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