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MaximoWorld Award Winner - Best Upgrade Project: Premier Oil and BPD Zenith

MaximoWorld Award Winner - Best Upgrade Project: Premier Oil and BPD Zenith

MW-2020 Presentation 26:20 Minutes

by Catherine Brown, Premier Oil and Richard Donaldson, BPD Zenith

Premier Oil is a leading independent exploration and production company with oil and gas interests in the North Sea, South East Asia, the Falkland Islands and Latin America. It is devoted entirely to the 'upstream' sector of the industry - the exploitation of oil and gas - as opposed to the 'downstream' refining and retail sector. Premier Oil's values underpin our behaviors and activities, complement and support our strategy, and are also reflected in our policies and procedures. At the center of these values is creativity which sits at the heart of everything we do. With the foundations of the company built on professionalism and respect, our spirit comes from our tenacity and dynamism.

BPD Zenith is a leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Asset Performance Management (APM) software and solution partner for asset intensive organizations worldwide, providing award winning software and service expertise across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific for over 26 years. As one of the few global IBM Maximo Platinum Business Partners, BPD Zenith combines a local presence with global expertise to deliver tailored asset management solutions and trusted partnerships wherever you are on your maintenance journey.

Program Highlights:

  • The approach to the upgrade project was critical to both Premier Oil and BPD Zenith through well-defined project aims and objectives, agreed roles and responsibilities of the project team and a clear communications plan. The project was well executed as a result of having a strong vision from the start with what we wanted to achieve during the upgrade scope.
  • Experience from previous upgrades meant change management was fully understood and previous lessons learnt were carried forward to ensure the upgrade was rolled out successfully. The project team make-up ensured all areas of the business were covered and engagement with the business users and what to expect was initiated early on in the project.
  • Upgrading to 7.6.1 benefits Premier Oil by providing additional and more sophisticated options to configure the environment, without the need for java customizations which has seen as a huge benefit to the system now and in the future.

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