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MindSphere IoT Platform

The RELIABILITY Conference Learning Session - 33:50
by Simon Davidoff, Siemens

The new Siemens Cloud for Industry – MindSphere opens up an ecosystem for OEMs, end customers, partners and Siemens. The ecosystem already offers a wide range of applications to increase plant efficiency and productivity, energy management applications, and maintenance and operation applications. MindSphere offers standard cloud connectivity for many Siemens devices such as drives, PLCs, etc. and open, available interfaces (APIs) to application developers. The built-in secure device-cloud communication offers maximum customer data protection. Safety and industrial security services are available for MindSphere applications, as well as for standard Siemens industrial products.

There are a number of compelling use cases that are helping manufacturers reach new levels of productivity and cost savings. Few companies, however, are tapping the real value of the data these systems are already measuring. With Data Analytics services, new transparency into the health of machines and systems is revealed in real-time. Machine failures can be predicted before they occur, and process deviations can be identified and corrected sooner to prevent quality or efficiency drop-off. The result: maintenance planning and service management both improve, and costs are reduced.

A discussion of the above and also how to identify, define and elaborate a use case in the field of reliability and maintenance through a series of logical steps is included.

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