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Motion Amplification: A New Way to Visualize Vibrations

Motion Amplification: A New Way to Visualize Vibrations

IMC-2017 Focused Forum - 41:09
by Jeff Hay, RDI Technologies

Motion Amplification (MA) is a video-processing technique that detects subtle motion and amplifies that motion to a level visible with the naked eye, resolving motions as small as 2.54 microns. Compared to standard video, this is an improvement of nearly 100x. The process uses high dynamic range video cameras where every pixel becomes a sensor, creating millions of data points in an instant. This solves a fundamental issue in today’s contact based data collections, that is for large assets outfitting them with contact sensors is costly and difficult because of the sheer number of sensors required to cover the asset. The software allows the user to draw a box and measure the time waveform and spectrum in absolute units of displacement.

A key capability of the MA technology is the speed. Typical processing times for a 10 second acquisition is roughly 20 seconds, allowing the user to process the data on the spot and make changes in the field. This is key if the user is doing root-cause-analysis, trying to pinpoint the location of a fault, or temporarily altering the structure to determine modification impacts. This flexibility allows the user to use the tool as a rapid Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) without the overhead of the time-consuming point collections and modeling. Videos created through MA enhance the understanding of the components and interrelationships creating the motion. This makes it a great troubleshooting tool, quick and effective alternative to traditional ODS, and effective communication tool between technical and non-technical resources. The software is easy to use and provides instant results. Multiple examples and case studies will be highlighted including before-and-after videos demonstrating repairs made based on MA results. New advancements in the technology will also be covered including image stabilization and filtering of videos to isolate individual frequencies in the video.

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