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Benefits of a Complete Motor Electrical Maintenance Programs

Benefits of a Complete Motor Electrical Maintenance Programs

Electrical predictive maintenance programs are an industry standard and are practiced worldwide; however, a complete electrical motor maintenance program can be more cost effective. Locating, diagnosing and correcting problems before equipment failure is the universal goal of these programs; however, predicting motor problems requires knowledge, experience, the appropriate tools, and commitment. Electric motors have numerous components including copper winding wire, insulation systems, bearings, and other mechanical and electrical features. These components combine with other items such as drives, intake pumps, compressors, conveyors among a long list of other items to create machines of industry. A complete electrical motor maintenance program includes testing and evaluating motors during repair and refurbishment, incoming and outgoing inspection, as well as predictive maintenance. This complete program also includes close evaluation and communication of the motor repair facility including the specification of parts, procedures and quality control tests.

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